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With the end of the rains comes added hardship for the people of Landing. Fish have all but vanished with the storms--and while the larder is still stocked, it won't last long. Tensions are high, even as the council does their best to keep the grim news quiet.

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 Audley Villemaire | Medic/Candidate | 21
 Posted on: Feb 12 2018, 07:57 PM
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Audley Villemaire

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Full Name: Audley Elizabeth Villemaire
Nicknames: Oddball, Bess
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Occupation: Your character's occupation/rank; if they do not have a specific job you can simply put 'colonist' or 'civilian'.
Origin: Earth
Played By: Imogen Poots

Height: 5’8
Appearance: Audley has wavy, shaggy blonde hair that she prefers to keep shoulder length. Given her choice in occupation she usually keeps it bound up and out of her way. Ice blue eyes look out at you shyly from beneath finely arched eyebrows. That combined with a mouth that looks a second away from a shy smile combine to make her rather pretty.

The girl is fairly tall and slender as a reed, only a hint of curves here and there to speak of. Her clothing choices are as understated as her personality – no loud colors for her, oh no. She prefers comfort over style all day every day.

Personality: Audley is what you might call shy. She’s a quiet thing that tends to keep to herself. Social situation are a little awkward, as she’s never quite sure what to say or how to say it. The difficulty isn’t that she doesn’t have the words, but rather that she second guesses whether or not they’re the right words, and she gets hung up on that. She hates it because she wants to make friends and connections, but she’s so sure she’ll be bad at it that most times she ends up not putting much effort into it.

She speaks softly, and moves softly, and basically just tries to keep from making waves. Audley has issues standing up for herself, and for anyone else, and if a situation presents itself where she should speak up and doesn’t she tends to feel extremely guilty for it.

When she does make a friend, she is warm and kind and gentle. Audley will do just about anything for people she cares about, and that makes her very easy to take advantage of. As much as she hates making waves in a general sense she will avoid it at all costs with those she cares about. It’s just easier to concede and nod and agree than it is to argue and fight, even if she knows she’s right.

It’s also rather clear that, when it comes to most situations, Audley’s confidence is not all it should be. There are things that she knows she can do and do well, and when she’s performing those tasks she exudes a kind of quiet, subtle confidence. It’s expressed more in her movements and her calm than in any kind of overt way, but it’s there. Outside of those things a person could be forgiven for completely overlooking her.

Background: Audley and her family originated in a tiny town in Nowhere, USA, and her life before Pern wasn’t much to speak of. Her father took off when Audley was young and her brother was just a baby, leaving their mother two small children to raise on her own. It wasn’t an uncommon story, unfortunately, but that didn’t stop the kids in Audley’s class from teasing her when she was little. Because of that the girl withdrew into herself, something that her overworked mother noticed but didn’t know how to fix.

When news of the Pernese expedition broke Audley’s mother decided to sign them up for it. Why not? There wasn’t really anything left for them on Earth, and it sounded like an exciting adventure. Neither of the children got a say in it and neither of them would have wanted one anyway. Both Audley and her brother were excited in their own way for the journey and the chance to get out of their tiny town.

At first life on Pern was idyllic. Landing was bustling and everything was new and bright and shiny. It was a little overwhelming, honestly, but Audley much preferred it to what they had left behind on Earth. When she turned 18 she apprenticed with the medical staff, putting her quiet and calm nature to use in treating those who had riskier professions.

Then Thread began to fall, and the idyllic world Audley had come to depend on turned upside down. With Thread, though, came the dragon program. Volunteering for the program was a risk that Audley was all too happy to take, because although that lifestyle would be much riskier than learning medicine, she felt she had to do something to defend the home she had come to know and love.

Injury Permissions: I’m alright with her being injured, but I’d rather her injuries not be super severe.
If I leave the site or become inactive... Audley will go about her business in the background. I’d like her to be archived.
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