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With the end of the rains comes added hardship for the people of Landing. Fish have all but vanished with the storms--and while the larder is still stocked, it won't last long. Tensions are high, even as the council does their best to keep the grim news quiet.

Welcome to The First Weyr, a canon Dragonriders of Pern RP set in the First Pass! Check out the links to the left and right to learn more.
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 Story Events, What they are & How to Claim
The Red Star
 Posted on: Oct 25 2017, 02:20 PM
238 posts | 2115 marks
written by crowfeet

Story Events and Discoveries

Given this is the First Pass, there are still many things about the dragons that need to be discovered--in fact, almost everything. Events such as the first to learn to fly, the first to learn to go between, the first queen to rise--these are significant and important events.

To make these available to members to play out in a way that's fair, here's how it works. After making a minimum of 75 IC posts, you can claim a Story Event from the list below (or suggest one that's not already there). When the time comes, it will be up to you to make the thread where your character discovers whatever aspect of dragonriding or the setting the event involves--and then presents their finding to the other characters. Additional details and other plots are elaborated on through play with the other members. These threads will be marked with a [!] to indicate they are Story Events, and will always be open threads. You will have to guide and lead this mini plot, and involve other members in it!

Each Story Event may be claimed by one person, but you may invite an additional person to help you get the thread off the ground. Once it's set up, it must become open to all players to participate.

After a Story Event thread has been fully played out and finished, you may claim and play out another Story Event if you wish. However, you may only claim one Story Event at a time, and should you go inactive for a period longer than two months, the Story Event may be made available for another member to claim.

Dragonrider Story Events
  • Manned Flight: Claimed by Otterly with Eleanor & Chioneth
      The first attempt to fly dragonback--designing dragon saddles, flight safety, riding gear
  • Chewing Firestone: AVAILABLE
      The first rider(s) to discover and attempt to feed firestone to their dragons--determining that queens are unable to chew firestone, learning to produce flame
  • Going Between: Claimed by North with Enid & Falth
      First rider to successfully teleport with a dragon--studying how firelizards do it, how to visualize, combatting the dangers of going between, and possibility of going between times
  • First to Rise: Claimed by Lioness with Martha & Merrith
      First golden queen to rise and clutch--first mating flight, discovering and learning to manage Flightlust
  • The First Weyr: AVAILABLE
      Finding, choosing, and establishing the site of the first dragon weyr
  • Battle of the Queens: Claimed by Fox with Danica & Hirith; AVAILABLE (1-2 more Players)
      Discovering that multiple golds rising at the same time will fight
  • The Second Weyr: AVAILABLE
      Finding, choosing, and establishing the site of the second dragon weyr & hold
To claim a Story Event, please post below!
 Posted on: Oct 26 2017, 01:02 AM
135 posts | 3335 marks
written by

I'd like to claim the first queen to clutch (with Merrith, naturally).

Martha Crocombe, 17yo female rider of Gold Merrith
William Hughes, 19yo male rider of Brown Tenceth
Benjamin Winters, 23yo male construction engineer
Rupert Olson, 10yo male school child
 Posted on: Feb 3 2018, 10:45 PM
Canadath | #CADCAD
80 posts | 2420 marks
written by

I'd like to claim 'first rider to successfully go between' with Enid & Falth!

Enid Faulk, 25, Rider of Gold Falth
Samuel Marceau, 27, Rider of Brown Henth
Leo Bishop, 23, Handler of Bronze Leonask
Dr. Anderson Faulk, 57, Head of Geology
 Posted on: Feb 9 2018, 09:14 AM
Perpetual Student
86 posts | 920 marks
written by Fox

I'd like to claim Battle of the Queens with Danica and Hirith!

* Danica O'Connor of Gold Hirith
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