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With the end of the rains comes added hardship for the people of Landing. Fish have all but vanished with the storms--and while the larder is still stocked, it won't last long. Tensions are high, even as the council does their best to keep the grim news quiet.

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 Soaring Skyward, [05.09] Story Event - Open to Everyone!
Jabry Kouri
 Posted on: Feb 13 2018, 08:16 PM
Bronze Rider
Baliuth | #c2b48d
53 posts | 20 marks
written by RedShoesWrites

Jabry and Baliuth quietly joined he gathering crowd.

Jabry had just been finishing up a late lunch at one of the main dinning halls when Baliuth had drawn him out of the building to watch as Chioneth had flown with Eleanor just barely visible upon her back. It had also been Baliuth that had seen the governor and Wind Blossom frantically making their way towards the area that Chioneth had landed. Foolish, Baliuth had whispered grumpily to Jabry as the governor and Wind Blossom had stormed past. If they had gone further out, we might have been able to fly, too.

Now after having trekked all the way out of Landing, they stood slightly behind and to the side of the leadership duo and winced at Wind Blossom’s harsh words. Surely those that had flown hadn’t been in that much immediate danger, had they?

As Governor Tolbert continued to speak, Jabry couldn’t help but look at Eleanor with some sympathy. He gave, what he hoped, was an encouraging smile and a thumbs up before glancing to his side at Baliuth. ’Tell Chioneth that we want to hear all about her flying once this is done!’ Jabry whispered across their link.

Sean O'Rinn
 Posted on: Feb 13 2018, 08:59 PM
Mezuth | #8b6839
14 posts | 330 marks
written by Surinen/Celeanor

We're late.

Pausing between grimly washing his hands and arms of blood from the emergency surgery he'd been assisting with, Sean O'Rinn looked up - then out. Mezuth, now considerably bigger than Sean's riding horse and equally as opinionated, lounged in the sun outside the medical facility. The bronze had picked his head up, gazing off into the distance at something unseen to Sean's simple human sight.

For what? I didn't realize we had something scheduled? The young doctor inquired, finishing up his wash and drying his hands. The sled mechanic would survive her altercation with the wrong end of a sled propulsion system, thank be to all the lucky stars they'd been invoking since she was rolled in. He could leave, if necessary, but his work with Mezuth had a rather strict time table ... one he adhered to. Mostly. Today was supposed to be an off day, so he'd made himself available to his former department.

It appears to be unplanned, but now planned. Which makes us late. We should go.

There has got to be more to it than that. Sean replied, sliding out of the medical apron he'd borrowed and back into the work shirt he'd left in the med staff locker.

There is. It isn't important, however. Come, you will see soon enough.

Detecting the subtle hint of jealousy underlying his dragon's message, Sean didn't hesitate to press further; though he did make sure to leave word with his former supervisor that he'd been summoned. Sort of.

What is it Mezuth, spill it.

There is nothing to spill. The bronze retorted, an image of Chioneth coming to mind.

What did Chioneth spill. Do. What did she do?

Something ... interesting.

Exiting the building, Sean strode up to his bronze and planted his feet squarely, then crossed his arms. "Spill it."

I told you there is no spill. Flexing his wings, the bronze's eyes whirled orange, then green - excitement flickering blue sparks of light across the green. She flew, with her rider. Then the bronze sobered. So did others. And important people noticed. Many are there now, except us. We're late.

Gathering that Mezuth was irritated about being left in the dark about something clearly marvelous, Sean stopped pressing and simply pat the muscled shoulder. "We're going, which way?" He asked, grinning when the still-youthful bronze bounded to his feet and took off at a jog towards his distant clutchmates.

Arriving with a light sheen of sweat after needing to run in order to keep up with his dragon, Sean made a point of slowing down once he saw how many dragons, their bondmates, and Colony leadership were present. Mezuth did no such thing, trotting purposefully up to his fellow dragons with Questions. Surely they had Answers?

Chioneth! Hirith! Harth! Belatedly, he realized that he might be interrupting something, so he paused, glancing around. Was it fun? He asked, almost shyly as an aside.

Sean, meanwhile, made a point of being as unobtrusive as he could manage. He did twitch at the impression that -all- of the dragons' bondmates were children, but given what he'd figured out from the idle chatter around him and the mental noise from Mezuth, the future reprimands were probably warranted. Still, they all rose and sunk together, so he definitely wasn't going to apologize for joining the spectacle.


Tag: People. All the people!
Seung-min Park
 Posted on: Feb 13 2018, 09:50 PM
Podarth | #c57039
3 posts | 80 marks
written by Calico

We missed it!

Podarth’s dejected wail struck a dissonant chord in Seung-min’s mind, rattling his senses just as he was starting to get his feet under him. The air outside the Caves was dry, but it did little to stop the rivulets of water that cascaded down the man’s forehead and into his eyes. The shoulders of his sweater were damp with moisture, but the rider pushed away the discomfort, darting away with his bronze on his heels down the stretch of land.

He hadn’t known what to expect when he got there, but if Podarth’s reaction was anything to go off of it was something good. Sure, the disapproving faces of the Captain and Dr. Ping might have been enough to curdle milk, but a few minutes spent listening in had a smile reaching across Seung-min’s face.

While he, as a teacher, would have championed the use of a more safe, controlled environment for their first flights, he, as a bondmate, couldn’t deny his excitement that the task of partnered flight had finally been achieved.

Looping an arm around Podarth’s ever-growing head, Seung-min pressed his forehead to his Bronze’s muzzle, earning him and excited cheep. We’ve finally made it Podarth! We can fly together now!

Pulling away, Seing-min cast a critical eye to his Bronze. His strong shoulders, powerful hindquarters, almost trim conformation… yes, he could see it now! Not as bulky as his larger brothers, graceful almost, like some of the queens. We’re going to be great Podarth, I just know it. Go ask the others what it was like!

Eyes swirling a clear, excited blue-green, the copper kettle bronze swung his wedge shaped head towards his brothers and sisters. How did it feel? Podarth asked, wonder clouding his mind-voice as he brushed his mind against his brave siblings. I can’t wait until I fly with Seung-min!

user posted image
Image by Crowfeet <3
Ilya Kuznetsov
 Posted on: Feb 13 2018, 10:07 PM
Harth | #d05c28
87 posts | 835 marks
written by crowfeet

He did his best not to quail under Captain Juel’s stark gaze, even if part of him railed against how she was so quick to order them about—but he understood, at least, the need for order. They needed to be organized and mature about this.

He began to answer Clara’s question with a slightly nervous laugh. “Er, no—I guess I could get one of these guys to fetch one. Psst! Ginger, to me!”

The bronze firelizard flittered obediently onto his wrist. Carefully, he started to bring to mind the image of a green notebook on his desk.

“It was—well, it was amazing,” Ilya admitted in hushed tones. “Never felt anything like it, I—"

And then everything went into chaos very quickly, and Ilya involuntarily shut his mouth with a wide-eyed stare.

It seemed a lot of pent up frustration was venting itself out. Throughout the whole time he kept hold of Eleanor’s hand—unconsciously holding on for comfort—and he watched, tensely, as some obeyed Karine’s orders. And then as some didn’t. He shot a wide-eyed look at Ellie and Lily when Danica took off. He’d never known her to do that; she’d always seemed a quieter type to him. He watched with a bit of envy as she soared about briefly—using the scarf as a strap was smart, he thought—and then swallowed as she returned.

If it were him, he wouldn’t have got down from his dragon after that—not with Captain Juel staring them down. And then there were more voices, more faces—and he saw the Governor approach.

Ilya couldn’t bring himself to let go of Ellie. There was little he could do, but he felt that this, somehow, somehow he had to be responsible for this—with his own stupid, childish decisions, as Wind Blossom pointed out. Poor Eleanor surely hadn’t wanted all this chaos. She must be disappointed in him, too.

Here he was, barely able to squeak out a word through all of this. What kind of dragonrider was he? He took a shuddering breath, and tried to keep calm, even as the Governor approached. Harth suffused him with warm, comforting thoughts, and as if trying to diffuse the tension, he settled down onto the ground—looking as quiet as an overlarge cat.

“You okay, Ellie?” he whispered to her. He gave Ellie’s hand a soft squeeze. “I’m here.”

She had Chioneth, as always, but he would stay by her side as long as she needed.


Surinen, Calico

Harth, for his part, had the other dragons to draw his attention away. He greeted each of his kind with a warm, wordless grunt, sending feelings of friendliness to them. Upon hearing Mezuth’s words, and then Podarth’s, he turned his thoughts towards the fellow bronzes with a warm, throaty hum.

It was the best, Harth answered in his deep, powerful voice. You and your riders must try it too, soon. Let me show you—

He offered memories of the rush of the wind against his skin, Ilya’s small frame perched on his back, the exhilaration shared by both rider and dragon—he showed this to both bronzes, hoping it would sate their curiosity.

But perhaps—

He lowered his head, looking sheepish, and cast a knowing glance at the Captain and at the Governor.

Perhaps, er, you should wait. The humans seem upset for some reason. I did not mean to cause trouble. But when we can, we must all fly together.

user posted image
Ariel Flanagan
 Posted on: Feb 13 2018, 10:25 PM
Valath | #d9a642
61 posts | 630 marks
written by crowfeet

Ari grinned back and laughed.

“I figured as much!” she answered Eleanor; she didn’t mind either way, but she definitely didn’t want Eleanor to fall off her dragon because of her. The smile was wiped off her face, though, at Captain Juel’s stern words.

Thinking quickly, she looked back at Darin. Beiarth seemed perfectly unconcerned—which, she supposed, meant he was fine. And then she turned ‘round to see a Samuel, his expression nearly matching hers. Carefully, she stretched out a hand to let the bronzerider get to his feet if he needed it.

“It did look pretty incredible,” Ari admitted quietly after a moment. “If, well, dangerous.”

She looked between them, and then to the growing scene to her left. She stared in shock, for a moment, as Dani disobeyed a direct order from Karine.

She’s got guts. Damn, Ari mused privately. Valath snorted in the back of her mind. No, we are not going flying without a saddle. I enjoy having a functional spine, thank you.

“Well, that worked out well,” she mumbled sarcastically—quiet enough that only Samuel and Darin would hear her. “You should scoot out while you can, Samuel. Save yourself some trouble.”

North, Ecksdee
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