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The latest dragon clutch has hatched successfully. Yet for the time being, the focus seems to have slid off the dragons. There's been a spike in volcanic activity around Landing, and for once, it's not Thread the colonists are worried about.

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 Wher Hatching Conditions
 Posted on: Feb 12 2018, 10:10 PM
Corvuth | #485487
288 posts | 1488 marks
written by ---

  • IC, the hatching will start unexpectedly early, several weeks before its expected date. Candidates would have been anticipating being called to a viewing sometime soon.
  • Firelizards and dragons will begin to hum in welcome just before noon.
  • All candidates would be frantically called away from their lunchtime and sent to the incubation room.
  • When they arrive, they'll notice that the glass of the incubator is just being removed. The eggs will look strangely misshapen and wrinkled--but are unmistakeably peeping and rocking.
  • The first egg will start to hatch at 1pm IC.
  • OOC-ly, the hatching will be posted at around midnight PST, on February 13th. The first egg will hatch at 12-3pm PST on February 14th.

Ilya Kuznetsov, 23, rider of Bronze Harth
Ariel Flanagan, 25, rider of Gold Valath
Silvia Tolbert, 60, Governor
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