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With the end of the rains comes added hardship for the people of Landing. Fish have all but vanished with the storms--and while the larder is still stocked, it won't last long. Tensions are high, even as the council does their best to keep the grim news quiet.

Welcome to The First Weyr, a canon Dragonriders of Pern RP set in the First Pass! Check out the links to the left and right to learn more.
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 Wher Candidate Form
The Red Star
 Posted on: Oct 6 2017, 11:59 AM
238 posts | 2115 marks
written by crowfeet

Wher Candidate Form

Whers do not yet exist, but will be engineered by mistake by Wind Blossom; we technically do not have 'wher candidates' yet.

Whers bond through purely voluntary Impression--much like firelizards, they are Impressed by feeding them. There is no age limit on wher 'candidates', besides a minimum age of 16 years old. The following are characters who may attempt to Impress a wher:
  • Anyone who is drawn to the whers, and decides they want to feed one. They must be present at the hatching of the failed clutch. Individuals permitted to be present include dragon candidates, scientists/researchers involved with the dragon project, veterinarians, paramedics, and colony leadership. This time, candidates will also be allowed to bring family members to spectate at the hatching.
  • Dragon candidates who like the strange creatures despite the fact they are obviously not as intended, and choose to offer them food.
  • Whether it is out of scientific interest, pity, or plain curiosity--a wher will only Impress to someone who chooses to feed it. The whers won't seek out a bonded human the way dragons do, so please be sure when creating a candidate that it makes sense, IC-ly, for them to approach and feed a wher.
If you would like your character to Impress a wher, please send this form to The Red Star. There are currently no touchings/viewings for wher clutches.


[b]Character Name:[/b] Your character’s name.
[b]Profile Link:[/b] Link to your character’s bio here.
[b]Age:[/b] Candidates must be a minimum of 16 years old and a maximum of 26 years old.

[b]What would you like to see in a wher your character Impresses?[/b]
Please list any personality traits or other features you would like for your wher. You may list preferred hide colours, though be aware that at present the only available colours are gold, bronze, and brown. Whers do not Impress by gender, like with firelizards, so any colour can Impress to any gender.

[b]Why do you want a wher for this character?[/b]
Let us know what sort of development are you hoping to achieve with your character's wher. What do you hope to do with your character once they Impress? If you want a specific colour of wher, why do you think this colour is a good fit for your character?

[b]Any dealbreakers?[/b]
List any traits or personality types you don’t want your wher to have. If there’s a particular wher colour you absolutely don’t want, you can mention that here too.

[b]Are you alright with your character being mauled, and if yes, to what extent?[/b]
If you don’t want your character to be mauled or if you want a specific kind of mauling, let us know here! Please be aware that severe injuries are very unlikely, given that the first wher hatchlings will be smaller than cats.
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