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The eruption of Mount Garben has forced the people of Landing to evacuate north. Under a storm of ash and Thread, the colonists make the perilous journey to Fort Hold. The riders fulfill their duty at last, and a new era dawns for the Pernese--join the plot here.

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 Liam Goldman | Head of Medicine | 49
 Posted on: Mar 11 2018, 05:52 PM
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Full Name: Liam Goldman
Nicknames: Lee
Gender: Male - He, Him, His
Age: 49
Occupation: Head of Medicine
Origin: First Centauri
Played By: Cliff Simon

Height: 6’4”
Appearance: Liam is a tall world-weary man. When he looks in the mirror these days, his face is becoming increasingly lined, and his hair started graying a long time ago. His hair is cropped close to his temples, and he keeps a neatly trimmed goatee. He has deep chocolate eyes, although they are usually accompanied by a furrowed brow.


Grumpy: Liam joined the Pern expedition as the planet was advertised as an out-of-the-way agricultural colony. Now thread has ruined the illusion and he is back to emergency medical services. He reasons that anyone else would be grumpy if they were in his shoes.
Exhausted: Being the head of medicine is exhausting work - he is a klah-convert and he is willing to sleep just about anywhere as long as time permits.
Sarcastic: While his humor has always been somewhat dry, with his current responsibilities, his humor has become decidedly more sarcastic and biting as he tries to make the best of a bad situation.
Intelligent: He wouldn’t have made it through the Nathi war and been promoted to his current position if he wasn’t smart. Liam is brilliant at what he does, and isn’t so humble as to not admit that he is good at what he does.
Lonely: He has tried to establish friendships and date here-and-there, but he hasn’t had much luck. He has a few acquaintances and the few times he has tried to date have failed miserably.
Loyal: If nothing else, Liam is a loyal friend and lover if his patience with his ex-wife was anything to go off of. He is willing to stick through the good and the bad.

Born in: First Centauri
Parents: Deceased
Spouse: Kaylee Goldman (divorced)
Close Acquaintance: None

Reason for joining the P.E.R.N. expedition: Liam served as a lead surgeon on First Centauri during the Nathi war. Having survived the experience due to Emily Boll’s excellent leadership during the siege, Liam decides that she has the right idea of escaping the war-torn FSP by joining the Pern expedition. The promise of decent compensation, and a peaceful, remote planet away from his ex-wife helps him make his decision as well. He signs on as an experience medical professional, and has been practicing on Pern ever since.

Liam’s thoughts on leaving First Centauri: Liam is quietly optimistic, although he would never tell anyone else that. His only reservation is the cryo-sleep. And while, as a doctor, he knows that the procedures are very reliable, the thought of actually having it preformed on him and then carted through space for a number of years is disquieting. Despite this, he is excited to leave. He has seen too many die on his home-world of First Centauri, and his ex-wife won most of his assets in the divorce proceedings. With nothing left holding him down, the P. E. R. N. expedition seems like the best place to start over.

Year One on Pern - 42 years old: The first year of work on Pern is everything that Liam could have hoped for. He is still actively involved in surgeries, but rather than repairing wounds from ballistics he is preforming surgery on the expected accidental injuries. Rather than worrying about what new medical emergency will result from the purposeful attacks from the Nathi, Liam is worrying about what human stupidity can accomplish. It is a nice change of pace.

Year Two-Three on Pern - 43-44 years old: Landing has finally become more established, and Liam finds himself a small home next to the medical block. He quietly works with the Head of Medicine to bring the medical offices up to full operations. The hours are long, but he wouldn’t have gone into medicine if that had bothered him. Instead, he drinks coffee, fills in his shifts, and takes on any extra project that is available.

Year Four on Pern - 45 years old: Things have truly become predictable by year four, and the medical offices are well established. Liam tries dating one of the more junior doctors. It works well for some time, but then blows up in his face after just a few months. The awkwardness that persists in the offices ensures that he never makes that mistake again.

Year Five-Six on Pern - 46-47 years old: Liam begins to take fewer shifts in general practice and surgery, and begins to turn his attention to one of his co-worker’s projects - cataloging any medical uses for native flora. It is an interesting project, and one that has him joining botanists on some of their fieldwork. Having previously remained primarily in Landing, Liam finds that this is an enjoyable diversion from the monotony of repairing broken bones and stitching up the odd scrape or two.

Year Seven - 48 years old: Liam is promoted within the department to an Assistant Head of Medicine. His work with his co-worker has paid off, and the promotion sees him moving more into research, administration and education. He still assists in surgery when needed, and for particularly difficult procedures - but he finds more of his time is spent outside of the O.R. The addition of education to his duties has been met with mixed feelings. While he recognizes the need to impart his knowledge onto young apprentices, he finds the task draining.

Year Eight - 49 years old: When the unimaginable happens, and Thread falls, Liam counts himself lucky that he had been in the offices. His direct supervisor was not so lucky. The medical offices operate without a head for almost two months before the other assistant heads of medicine confer and Liam is voted into the position. The current situation requires someone with emergency medical experience - something Liam unfortunately has in spades when compared to the others.

Liam grudgingly accepts the position, and prepares for a drastic increase in emergency surgeries. So much for a peaceful world.

Injury Permissions: Any.

If I leave the site or become inactive... Please either make adoptable or archive as a NPC.

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