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With the end of the rains comes added hardship for the people of Landing. Fish have all but vanished with the storms--and while the larder is still stocked, it won't last long. Tensions are high, even as the council does their best to keep the grim news quiet.

Welcome to The First Weyr, a canon Dragonriders of Pern RP set in the First Pass! Check out the links to the left and right to learn more.
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 FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions
The Red Star
 Posted on: Jul 12 2017, 12:49 PM
238 posts | 2115 marks
written by crowfeet

Will there be non-canon colours, mutations, or white dragons on First Weyr?
No, First Weyr is a canon-colour only site. We will not have any clutching greens, either.

Can my character Impress from the Stands?
With some limitations. Future dragon hatchings will allow spectators, but who exactly will be present will vary depending on the hatching. Stands Impressions are intended to be a rare experience. Only players who have obtained a Stands Impression Token and applied it to a character within the proper age range will be considered for a Stands Impression.

Are there going to be egg Touchings?
Currently, the researchers are very uncertain about the fragility of the eggs, and exposure to foreign elements. They will not allow anyone to approach them until the time of hatching. In the future, as things become more certain and the immune systems of the dragons better understood, characters may realize the usefulness of Touchings. Until then, instead of egg Touchings, we will have egg 'viewings' instead--candidates will be able to come and observe the eggs from a distance before they hatch.

What is technology like on First Pass Pern? Do they have modern medicine?
You can assume that the technology level is currently very similar to, if not beyond that of our own 21st century Earth. They have advanced bioengineering techniques that can treat genetic disorders we cannot, as well as the ability to replace lost limbs with perfectly functional artificial ones. Small aircraft, known as sleds, are still operational and are relied upon to burn Thread in the sky, along with groundcrews equipped with flamethrowers. However, the colonists do not have the resources to repair or rebuild sleds, and they are running out of fuel for sleds quickly. Personal electronic devices, such as tablets, are uncommon and used typically for scientific study.

What is the role of a council member? Of a section head?
The council members, along with the Governor, are responsible for making decisions about the colony. Each council member is a representative of a particular stakehold or group of stakeholds. They are equivalent to Lord Holders in later Passes--indeed, the Council will eventually form the basis of the future system of Lord Holders and Bloodlines. The council members, including the Governor, were initially elected by the colony.

The section heads, meanwhile, are the equivalent of Mastercrafters from later Passes. They are in charge of managing and running whatever their specific department is--so the Head of Medicine acts as the head of all the doctors, and determines how the department is run. Each section head reports to the Council, presenting their needs and concerns as reports, and sometimes assisting with decision-making (though true executive power is held by the Council). The section heads are formally appointed by the Governor, though most of the time other senior members of each department hold the most sway in deciding who is the next section head.

Do you follow canon Impressions?
To an extent. Golds only Impress to women, while bronzes only Impress to men. However, browns, blues, and greens may Impress to either. We have elected to ignore sexuality Impressions, and only Impress by gender.

What about trans and non-binary candidates?
Trans candidates will Impress according to their true gender, not their assigned gender--so a transman will never Impress a gold, but may Impress bronze. Likewise, transwomen may Impress gold, but will never Impress bronze. Non-binary candidates may Impress any dragon colour.

Are there any other restrictions on candidates? Who is or isn't eligible for Impression?
Candidates must be aged 16 to 26: they are permitted to stand from their 16th birthday until the day that they turn 27. Candidates must be in relatively good health so as to cope with the intense military lifestyle expected of dragonriders--they are, after all, Pern's aerial defense against Thread. Candidates must also be open to the idea of Impression; dragons will not choose those who are completely against the idea of bonding to a dragon. Additionally, candidates who are truly evil or seek to bully or harm others will not Impress: dragons are peaceful by their very nature, and a dragon will not choose anyone whose mind it finds repulsive.

Can dragons be gay or transgender?
Not exactly--but at the same time, no dragon can be considered 'heterosexual' or 'cisgender', either, because dragons do not have the same understanding of gender and sexuality that humans do. Gender to dragons is an entirely alien concept, and they have no true comprehension of it. They merely use the pronouns humans ascribe to them for convenience, but they have no understanding of what it actually means--and with their poor memories, they don't particularly care. Human understanding of sexuality is similarly baffling to them, as well: dragons do not have sex for pleasure. Flights are simply a biological urge, and dragons do not see any connection between romantic and sexual relationships. Dragons of any colour--a blue and a brown, two greens, a green and a bronze, you name it--may form very close, affectionate bonds with one another that their riders might understand as romantic, but again, this is merely a clumsy human attempt at understanding a very alien species; mating flights have no connection to, or any kind of impact on these pairbonds. Golds and greens Rise, and they never give chase; bronzes, browns, and blues only chase greens and golds, and never each other. However, you are very welcome--and encouraged--to make trans and gay human characters; even in later Passes, weyrs are accepting of all sexual orientations and genders, and in a First Pass setting this is even more true. For more information, please see this thread.

What about Flightlust?
The above thread has more information. Riders always experience it, and it is a powerful, intense feeling. However, they are expected to remain in control of themselves and their dragons to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Riders are not required to participate in the sexual component of flights; they may spend Flights alone, or in the company of a preferred partner. Dragons will never rise or chase if their rider is under 18, no exceptions.

Will there be any non-canon fauna or flora?
No, we do not have any plans to introduce non-canon species at this time.

How can my characters get dragonets/firelizards?
Each character may be created with one free firelizard (green or blue). Additional firelizards must be purchased from the site shop, received from claiming posting rewards, or obtained from hatchings.

Can I create a Hear-All character?
No, we do not allow Hear-All-Dragon characters to be created here.

I don't like Pern canon. Can you change the site for me?
This site follows book canon, with some minor adjustments. Please do not ask us to bend canon or harass us for this decision. Members who are unable or unwilling to comply with book canon should look to join other sites instead.
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