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The latest dragon clutch has hatched successfully. Yet for the time being, the focus seems to have slid off the dragons. There's been a spike in volcanic activity around Landing, and for once, it's not Thread the colonists are worried about.

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 Character Census
The Red Star
 Posted on: Jul 12 2017, 06:07 PM
273 posts | 2525 marks
written by crowfeet

Colony Leadership

Governor: Silvia Tolbert, 59-- written by Crowfeet
-- Hugo Sutcliffe, 52 -- written by Corgi [NPC]
-- Sean O'Donal, 63 -- written by Sunny [NPC]

Section Heads:
-- Liam Goldman, Head of Medicine, 49 -- written by RedShoesWrites
-- Anderson Faulk, Head of Geology, 56 -- written by North
-- Caty Turnbull, Head of Veterinary Medicine, 35 -- written by Otterly
-- Wind Blossom Ping, Head of Genetics -- NPC

-- Karine Juel, Captain of the Buenos Aires, 53-- written by Zahhy [NPC]


Total: 3

Aisha Kouri, Geologist, 50 -- written by RedShoesWrites
Barry Flanagan, Dolphineer, 47-- written by Crowfeet [NPC]
Benjamin Winters, Construction Engineer, 23 -- written by Otterly [NPC Adoptable]


Total: 2

Keith Conway, Teacher, 39 -- written by Randomperson
Lucia Drake, Sled Pilot, 24 -- written by Ice


Total: 6

Adrian Breier, Programming student / Candidate, 17 -- written by Aetos
Eun-bi Park, Candidate, 21 -- written by Snow
Hanna Makokis, Geneticist/Candidate, 24 -- written by Moony
Isaac Wright, Candidate, 24 -- written by Natoth
Isadora Morgan, Biologist / Candidate, 24 -- written by Prismatic
Laurel Sheard, Dolphineer, 23 -- written by Tangled Skein


Total: 35

Dragonrider Council:
-- Enid Faulk, 25, rider of Gold Falth -- written by North
-- Jabry Koury, 23, rider of Bronze Baliuth -- written by RedShoesWrites
-- Seung-min Park, 25, rider of Bronze Podarth -- written by Calico

Aoife Kelly, 18, rider of Brown Doronth -- written by Mammoth
Ariel Flanagan, 25, rider of Gold Valath -- written by Crowfeet
Audley Villemaire, 21, rider of Gold Asteleth -- written by Prongs
Brendan Stone, 23, rider of Bronze Tulcath -- written by Cinder
Clara Jones, 24, rider of Brown Picath -- written by Otterly
Connor Audley, 26, rider of Bronze Eilianth -- written by Otterly
Danica O'Connor, 22, rider of Gold Hirith -- written by Fox [NPC]
Darin Frazier, 20, rider of Bronze Beiarth -- written by Ecksdee
Eleanor Winters, 21, rider of Gold Chioneth -- written by Otterly
Elliot Tasker, 20, rider of Brown Russath -- written by Wolf
Ester Murray, 25, rider of Brown Arioth -- written by Ecksdee
Fiona Blair, 21, rider of Gold Inoth -- written by Moony
Fiona Sheard, 21, rider of Gold Teosinth -- written by RedShoesWrites
Ghislain Lefebvre, 25, rider of Bronze Oncoth -- written by Calico
Ilya Kuznetsov, 23, rider of Bronze Harth -- written by Crowfeet
Jana Chapman, 16, rider of Gold Tamoth -- written by Wolf
Jill Prester-Jones, 20, rider of Gold Hineth -- written by Natoth
Kaitlyn Harris, 21, rider of Gold Orianth -- written by Cinder
Leandros Xenakis, 20, rider of Bronze Sarath -- written by Aetos
Lily Reed, 24, rider of Gold Peleth -- written by Zahhy [NPC]
Martha Crocombe, 18, rider of Gold Merrith -- written by Lioness [NPC]
Michael Terrebonne, 24, rider of Bronze Noruith -- written by Halyonix
Modesty Beringer, 24, rider of Brown Myronth -- written by North
Nicholas Courter, 21, rider of Brown Hawth -- written by Ecksdee
Olivia Archer, 26, rider of Gold Solanth -- written by Surinen
Ophelia Sinclair, 21, rider of Gold Kizath -- written by Ice
Rene Gardner, 21, rider of Gold Trith -- written by Snow
Sada Crosswell, 23, rider of Gold Eyath -- written by Calico
Samuel Marceau, 27, rider of Brown Henth -- written by North
Sean O'Rinn, 27, rider of Bronze Mezuth -- written by Surinen
Til Becker, 28, rider of Bronze Nianth -- written by lee
William Hughes, 20, rider of Brown Tenceth -- written by Lioness [NPC]


Total: 7

Alexandra Nadolski, 26, handler of Gold Alesk -- written by Ecksdee
Anand Joshi, 26, handler of Gold Anask -- written by Moony
Autumn Hall, 15, handler of Bronze Tumsk -- written by RedShoesWrites
Avaline Crawford, 25, handler of Brown Vask -- written by Wolf
Catherine Turnbull, 35, handler of Bronze Atysk -- written by Otterly
Leo Bishop, 23, handler of Bronze Leonask -- written by North
Wind Blossom Ping, handler of Gold Pinsk [NPC]

See Dragonkin Census for information on firelizards and dragons.

To add a character to the census, use the following form and reply to this thread.

[b]Firstname Lastname[/b], Occupation, Age [i]-- written by Membername[/i]

To add a dragonrider to the census, use the following form and reply to this thread.


[b]Firstname Lastname[/b], Age, rider of [color=#HEXCODE][b]Colour Nameth[/b][/color] [i]-- written by Membername[/i]

To add a wherhandler to the census, use the following form and reply to this thread.


[b]Firstname Lastname[/b], Age, handler of [color=#HEXCODE][b]Colour Namesk[/b][/color] [i]-- written by Membername[/i]
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