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The latest dragon clutch has hatched successfully. Yet for the time being, the focus seems to have slid off the dragons. There's been a spike in volcanic activity around Landing, and for once, it's not Thread the colonists are worried about.

Welcome to The First Weyr, a canon Dragonriders of Pern RP set in the First Pass! Check out the links to the left and right to learn more.
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 01. Site Rules, Overview of IC and OOC guidelines
The Red Star
 Posted on: Jun 26 2017, 03:45 PM
273 posts | 2525 marks
written by crowfeet

General Out of Character Rules
  • The First Weyr is rated L2-S2-V2 according to the RPG rating system, or approximately PG-13. Sexual innuendo, cursing, mild violence, and discussion of mature themes may occur. However, explicit sexual content and graphic violence are not permitted as per Jcink’s TOS.

  • Any art images you use must either be your own, or you must properly source and link back to the artist you got them from. If they are not drawn by you, you must have permission to use them from the artist.

  • This is an account-per-character site, so you should make accounts for each character you wish to play. We make use of Jcink's sub-account system to make switching between accounts easier. For more information, see here.

  • Hateful, discriminatory, or bigoted statements are not acceptable. We would like First Weyr to be an inclusive space for everyone.

  • Respect your fellow members. If you are asked to stop, then stop. Do not start threads without first asking the other member if it's okay. Do not pressure fellow members into writing plots they are uncomfortable with. Bullying and harassment are unacceptable. If you have any concerns about another player's behaviour, please notify an admin ASAP.

  • Respect the writers of clutches. Impression is never guaranteed for any character at any clutch, no matter what the circumstances may be. We will try our best to give you what you want, but sometimes it may not be immediately possible. If your character fails to Impress, please do not harass or attempt to guilt-trip the admins or the clutch writer over it.

  • Try to keep all correspondence relating to your character's candidacy to the on-site Candidate Forms sent to The Red Star. Please do not discuss your character's candidacy with the admins and clutch runners in Discord, the chat box, or ordinary PMs. This is for admin sanity and organizational purposes, to ensure all information is in one place and no miscommunication occurs.

Posting & Activity Rules
  • The First Weyr has no word count.

  • Canon characters have either been killed off, or are NPCs and will be killed off. Characters important to naming of future locations can be assumed to have been present and are now deceased. No canon dragonrider or future dragonrider characters are present.

  • In general, First Weyr does not have any activity rules. Members may write at their own pace. After four months of inactivity, we will assume a member is on hiatus and archive their characters--however, we do not delete anything. Should a member wish to return to the site, they are welcome to do so and reclaim any characters that were archived.

  • That being said, we would like characters in important positions (ranking or limited characters) to be active so as to avoid the site’s plot from being stalled, and to provide active members sufficient opportunity to play different kinds of characters. At present, we have activity requirements on two kinds of characters. These are listed below.

  • Goldriders who fall inactive for two months will be notified and given a grace period of two weeks to resume activity—that is, to return to posting regularly. If the player remains inactive, the goldrider will be either put up for adoption, killed off, or retconned out and replaced (your choice, based on what you specified in your profile form; we will not adopt out characters without your permission), so that a more active member has the opportunity to play a gold. We do not allow goldriders to be NPC’d indefinitely.

  • Other ranked characters, i.e. colony leadership, who fall inactive for two months may be temporarily removed from their position. Another character will be appointed to the same rank as a temporary acting position. If the player of the current rankholder doesn't resume activity after an additional month, their character will permanently lose their position and it will be given over to the newly appointed character.

Character Limits
  • Each member may play a maximum of one goldrider and three bronzeriders. Similarly, each member may have a maximum of one goldwherhandler and three bronze wherhandlers.

  • Each member may have at most two gold firelizards, and at most five bronze firelizards. Each character may acquire a maximum of four firelizards; this can be increased by purchasing extra firelizard slots from the site shop.

  • Each character is permitted one free blue or green firelizard on creation. Additional firelizards must be purchased from the site shop or acquired from hatchings.

Mating Flight Policy
  • Characters must be at least 18 years of age to participate in mating flights. Dragons will not rise or chase if doing so would cause harm to their rider, or if their rider is not yet mentally ready for it.

  • Riders are not obligated to participate in the sexual aspect of mating flights, under any circumstance--riders may make use of stand-ins or simply lock themselves in their weyr on their own. Riders are expected to retain control of both themselves and their dragons; losing one's self entirely to flightlust is frowned upon, especially since it endangers their dragon. For more information, see this thread.

  • We do not allow force-catching. In the event that a green or gold has a clear preference for a particular male, the dragons respect her choice. Riders are also expected to step in and keep control over their dragons if necessary. Dragons may also be passively influenced by their rider's preferences.

  • Writers of green dragons are welcome to hold their dragon's flights how they wish. If the flight/run has a pre-determined outcome, it must be stated in the first post to avoid any confusion or hurt feelings. Writers of gold dragons should work with admins to schedule their flights/runs. Golds rise every 6 to 18 months IC, while greens rise every 3 to 4 months IC. A gold's maiden flight will take place when she is between 18 to 24 months of age, while a green's first flight will take place when she is between 12 to 18 months of age.

  • Writers of gold and green firelizards may write and hatch their own clutches, so long as they first check with admins to schedule their firelizard's flights. Clutch colour ratios and sizes must be reviewed and confirmed by the admins before the clutch can be created.

  • Writers of gold dragons and whers may write and hatch their gold's clutches with staff input. As with firelizards, flights and hatchings must also be scheduled with staff input. There are no clutching green dragons or whers on First Weyr.

  • For more information on how we handle clutches and hatchings, please see our Candidacy and Hatching Info thread.

Chatbox and Discord Rules

Pop-out cbox for mobile access: Here
Link to Discord invite: Here

  • Discussions of politics and religion are not permitted.

  • Avoid discussing other Pern sites.

  • Advertising is not permitted in the cbox. If you'd like to advertise your site, please post in the Advertising forum.

  • We understand that people have bad days, and we don't mind if you want to talk about it here. However, please remember that the chatbox and Discord chat are public settings meant to be accessible by every member, and discussions should be moved to private if they become too heavy. We would like to keep the chats a fun and relaxing environment with a minimum of negativity.

  • If a discussion in the chat is making you uncomfortable, you are welcome to contact an admin who is online and we will divert the conversation as needed.
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