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The eruption of Mount Garben has forced the people of Landing to evacuate north. Under a storm of ash and Thread, the colonists make the perilous journey to Fort Hold. The riders fulfill their duty at last, and a new era dawns for the Pernese--join the plot here.

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 Faceclaim Directory
The Red Star
 Posted on: Jun 27 2017, 02:15 PM
274 posts | 2625 marks
written by crowfeet

Here you may find a list of faceclaims currently in use. You may reserve a faceclaim for an upcoming character; reserves last two weeks from the date posted. To add your faceclaim to the list or reserve a faceclaim, reply to this thread using the forms at the bottom of this post.

Faceclaims in Use

A to F
  • Acosta, Allegra - Jana Chapman (Wolf)
  • Adams, Valerie - Avaline Crawford (Wolf)
  • Astley, Rick - Isaac Wright (Natoth)
  • Bassett, Angela - Silvia Tolbert (Crowfeet)
  • Callingbull-Burnham, Ashley - Hanna Makokis (Moony)
  • Cassidy, Elaine - Jill Prester-Jones (Natoth)
  • Chow, Kelsey - Modesty Beringer (North)
  • Clarke, Emilia - Lucia Drake (Ice)
  • Clifford, Tokala Black Elk - Samuel Marceau (North)
  • Cox, Charlie - Michael Terrebonne (Halyonix)
  • Cutkelvin, Shereen - Rene Gardner (Snow)
  • Desombre, Ben - Anderson Faulk (North)
  • Dimitriades, Alex - Leandros Xenakis (Aetos)
  • Dollanganger, Nicole - Ophelia Sinclair (Ice)
  • Drayton, Poppy - Isadora Morgan (Prismatic)
  • Driver, Adam - Darin Frazier (Ecksdee)
  • Elba, Idris - Gideon Knightstone (Surinen)
  • Fletcher, Elliot - Adrian Breier (Aetos)
G to O
  • Hall, Rebecca - Caty Turnbull (Otterly)
  • Hammer, Armie - Connor Audley (Otterly)
  • Hedlund, Garrett - Til Becker (lee)
  • Holland, Tom - Elliot Tasker (Wolf)
  • Hurd-Wood, Rachel - Eleanor Winters (Otterly)
  • James, Stephen - Ghislain Lefebvre (Calico)
  • Jarvis, Benjamin - Leo Bishop (North)
  • Kershaw, Clayton - Brendan Stone (Cinder)
  • Khemu, Kunal - Anand Joshi (Moony)
  • Lee, Joon Gi - Jun-Ho Moon(Moony)
  • Lovato, Demi - Nichole Valenti (Cinder)
  • Lynch, Evanna - Aoife Kelly (Mammoth)
  • Maldonado, Kirstin - Kaitlyn Harris(Cinder)
  • Mittlestaedt, Renne - Fiona Sheard (RedShoesWrites)
  • Miyazawa, Sae – Shiori Hisakawa (Eclipse)
  • Nyong'o, Lupita - Sada Crosswell (Calico)
P to Z
  • Palmer, Keke - Clara Jones (Otterly)
  • Palmer, Theresa - Fiona Blair (Moony)
  • Park, Shin-hye - Eun-bi Park (Snow)
  • Pierce, Jeffrey - Keith Conway (Randomperson)
  • Pine, Chris - Sean O'Rinn (Surinen)
  • Poot, Imogen - Audley Villemaire (Prongs)
  • Rohl, Kacey - Ester Murray (Ecksdee)
  • Ronan, Saoirse - Ariel Flanagan (Crowfeet)
  • Rush, Odeya - Autumn Hall (RedShoesWrites)
  • Simon, Cliff - Liam Goldman (RedShoesWrites)
  • Sprouse, Cole - Ash Arthur (Surinen)
  • Stewart, Catrin - Alexandra Nadolski (Ecksdee)
  • Taskesen, Devran - Jabry Kouri (RedShoesWrites)
  • Taylor, Rachael - Olivia Archer (Surinen)
  • Varma, Indira - Aisha Kouri (RedShoesWrites)
  • Waterston, Katherine- Enid Faulk (North)
  • Woo-bin, Kim - Seung-min Park (Calico)
  • Young, George - Ilya Kuznetsov (Crowfeet)
Reserved Faceclaims
  • none

To add a faceclaim:

[*] [b]Lastname, Firstname[/b] - Character Name [i](Your Name)[/i]

To reserve a faceclaim:

[*] [b]Lastname, Firstname[/b] reserved for [i]Your Name[/i] until DD/MM
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